Hello, my name is Nelson

​ Over what probably constitutes the better part of the last 12 months, I have been contemplating starting a blog.

​ I have done it before, in fact I was fairly relevant blogger back in 2008 (shoutout to the boys still running Planetgeek, after all these years), but back then, blogging was so new and exciting that the mere fact that you were doing it was enough to get you noticed.

​ I am not going to lie, I was mostly writing back then because it was exciting and new too, but most of what I wrote about was, looking back, fairly childish and provocateur. There were very little thought provoking arguments, and most of what I did was complain about whatever popular technologies were hip back then (I was going through a Linux/hate on Apple phase). In retrospect, I’m guessing this was fairly common for an 18-19 year old teenager who was into technology and liked rambling on the internet.

​ These days, after getting through college and getting a Master’s degree, moving in together with my partner in crime, getting married, having a small boy and working in the tech industry for 8 years, with various of these events overlapping at any given point in time, I like to fancy myself someone a bit wiser (although still ill tempered) than my former self, and I believe there might be enough experiences and opinions worth sharing with the internet.

​ That is, for the most part, what I will be doing here. You will find that most of what I will write about is not so much about the technical side of being a software developer, although I’m sure it will be a fairly frequent event around here (its pretty much inevitable, it is my job, and what I love to do after all), but I will be writing mostly about the industry itself, and my thoughts on it.

​ So, without further ado:


​ And welcome to my blog!

Written on October 5, 2018